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Social and Environmental Sustainability

Social and Environmental Sustainability

The Tajik and Afghan spinners and fiber producers were supported by a development project funded by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) and operated by AKF/MSDPS (the Aga Khan Foundation and the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme). The project's main objective was to create earning opportunities for women and men in remote areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan by helping them to develop a sustainable business and gain access to the global marketplace. We worked with the spinners and the yarn buyers to implement fair and transparent business practices that meet the needs of all participants - fiber producers, spinners, buyers, customers and their communities. We guarantee the customers a high quality product that fully satisfies their expectations. We guarantee that the yarn and products are produced in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way, by highly skilled and fairly paid artisans who are fully in charge of their business. We also guarantee that all proceeds from fiber sales go to the cashmere and cashgora goat farmers and that all earnings from yarn and product sales go directly to the spinners.  

We believe that a stronger, personal link between fiber producers, spinners, buyers and customers makes a better product and promotes a more conscious, not-just-for-profit business that benefits producers, consumers and the environment. We also believe in the need to strenghten women's rights by providing women with earning opportunities and developing linkages among women across cultures. We try to create a platform for the spinners, the buyers and the customers to communicate and learn about one another to broaden their personal and cultural understanding. The spinners we work with live in some of the most isolated, traditional communities in the world.  They want to learn about the women who buy their yarn. We expect that some of you will be curious to learn about the woman who spun the yarn you knit with. The chances are that she has faced the challenges of poverty and constraints of traditional, patriarchal culture that are difficult for many of us to imagine. Your purchase will make her life just a little easier and having her own money will make her just a little more powerful. Her yarn will allow you to knit a unique, luxurious piece of clothing that you will enjoy wearing. Thank you for helping us to make this happen.    

For more information about the project please contact Liba Brent (project coordinator) at libabrent@gmail.com. 

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